Lexis Advance® Collections

Make your library's catalog the centralized stop for anyone seeking information in the Lexis Advance® research system. Whether your patron is in the bricks-and-mortar library or accessing the online catalog from any other location, you want them to receive the most relevant hits possible for any query - be it subject, keyword, title or name. Your users will find the hits for these electronic resources right alongside the print versions or, in some cases, in lieu of them. Promote your library's electronic resources with LexisNexis® by adding high-quality RDA records to your catalog.

What makes our records "high-quality"? Our records are created in partnership with LexisNexis and feature deep-linking; meaning a click of our URL takes your researchers directly to the content after a login/password...NOT to another search screen. All Cassidy records are created by humans with MLS degrees and decades of experience - NOT created by machines - and are given specific Library of Congress subject headings and notes packed with all the relevant information. After all, the real value of a catalog record is for its information.

As with all Cassidy Cataloguing record sets, records are fully customizable and as long as the customization spans all records in the set, there is never an extra charge! Sample records for any and all record sets are always available free and with no obligation to buy.

Lexis Advance® Details

Lexis Advance E-Treatises

RDA records to correspond to the E-Treatise content in Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance Periodicals

RDA records to correspond to the Periodicals content in Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance Primary Sources

RDA records to correspond to Reporters, Cases, Statutes, Codes, Constitutions, Court Rules, Digests, Citators, Administrative Rules, and Regulations in Lexis Advance.

Lexis A.S. Pratt / Sheshunoff Collection

RDA records to correspond to all A.S. Pratt / Sheshunoff titles available in Lexis Advance.

Authority Records

Authority Records to match new and revised records each month.


Collection Pricing Updates
Lexis Advance E-Treatises $3,800 $400/annually
Lexis Advance Periodicals $2,200 $225/annually
Lexis Advance Primary Sources $640 $225/annually
Lexis A.S. Pratt/Sheshunoff Collection $150 for full-site license Contact us
Authority Records for LexisNexis Collections $300/annually

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