Publishers' Cataloging-In-Publication

Since 1996, Cassidy Cataloguing Services has been providing Publishers' Cataloging-in-Publication, or PCIP, for publishers whose books may not qualify for the Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication program. The information included on these bibliographic records is incredibly helpful for booksellers, librarians, and authors alike. With a PCIP, it is guaranteed that a book will be shelved in a proper location and can easily be found in a catalog.

Our expert catalogers will create a PCIP block according to the most current rules. Each PCIP will include a Library of Congress call number, Dewey classification number, Library of Congress subject headings, summary, and all of the information necessary for making it easier for booksellers and librarians to process, shelve, and/or sell each book.

PCIPs at Cassidy Cataloguing Services are created in under a week (or faster if a rush is necessary) and at a very reasonable investment. In addition to fast turnaround time, we upload the bibliographic record to OCLC WorldCat and SkyRiver, two of the largest bibliographic utilities in the world, at no additional charge.


Cataloging-in-Publication, or CIP,  is the service provided by the Library of Congress. Publishers' Cataloging-in-Publication, or PCIP, is the identical service provided by cataloging professionals using the same resources as the Library of Congress. An expert at Cassidy Cataloguing Services will create the data block with identical (and sometimes more) information, and with only a few days turnaround.

According to website information, the Library of Congress creates bibliographic records for books "most likely to be acquired by U.S. libraries". For materials which do not qualify for a CIP, a PCIP is an identical solution - the only difference being the institution creating the block. Books which may not qualify for a Library of Congress CIP include small publishers, books which market to a niche group, or self-published books.

A CIP or PCIP block is practically vital when publishing a new book if you intend to market to libraries or schools. The examples below will illustrate just how much information goes into this little block. All of this information helps a librarian or bookseller place the book in an appropriate place based on subjects, summary, and other information.

PCIP information is not reserved only for print books - ebooks, audiobooks, steaming material, and other formats benefit from PCIP information as well. Contact us for more information on these.

PCIP sample 2
PCIP sample 2

Value-Added Services

  • In addition to basic PCIP information, we add as many subjects as are appropriate to generate hits when a researcher is searching in a catalog.

  • PCIP bibliographic records will also be uploaded to two of the world's largest bibliographic databases - OCLC WorldCat and SkyRiver. Inclusion in these massive bibliographic databases ensures that the librarian or bookseller will be able to easily and correctly enter your material into their catalog for discoverability. Records are uploaded by the third of each month and records should be available in the individual bibliographic utilities by two weeks following.

  • New to PCIP? Our expert catalogers are happy to explain all of the necessary steps to get you started or answer any questions you may have about the process.

  • We provide excellent quality with very fast turn-around time (usually less than a week) at a very reasonable investment price.

Order a PCIP

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Please be aware that the following information will be necessary:

  • Book's title page and verso in PDF, JPG, or GIF format.If you don't have a digital version immediately, you can scan and fax to 973-586-3201 or email to with your book title in the subject.

  • Prepayment is only required if this is your first PCIP with us. After the first, we will invoice for all work. If you need your PCIP done in a rush, just contact us and we will work with you! We accept credit card, PayPal, check or ACH bank payment.​​

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