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CassidyCat 5.0

Our powerful Sirsi-Dynix backed OPAC will surprise you with its ease of use, branded design, advanced search options, and very reasonable price.

We will maintain your library's records in our secure database, tagging your library so that you will only see your own material. This means we can quickly add new records and delete records for materials that you no longer hold. We can also make database-wide changes for your records in minutes. If your library already subscribes to any of our electronic resource record sets, we can very easily allow access to those records without the hassle of loading them yourself.

If you have a current system that is not MARC21, we can convert your records or create records from any format or spreadsheet. Having your records in line with the industry standard will benefit your library immensely.

Our OPAC is an ideal solution for libraries that don't have time or resources to maintain a catalog in-house. A Sirsi-Dynix backed OPAC at a fraction of the price means you will guarantee your researchers access to all of the materials of which you have invested. As we know, there is no point in purchasing materials if your users cannot access them.


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