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About The Cassidy Team

Since 1985, our aim has been to offer the highest-quality catalog records utilizing the skills of our expert cataloging team of librarians, and provide cost-effective solutions for library projects ranging from original cataloguing and cataloguing backlogs to retrospective conversions.

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“Having your records for Lexis and Westlaw in our catalog has really increased access.”

+ Harry S. Martin III (Terry) Henry N. Ess III Librarian
& Professor of Law, Emeritus Harvard Law School

New HeinOnline Records Collection Available: Air and Space Law

HeinOnline’s Air and Space Law database illustrates the history of air and spaceflight through the programs and people that made these dreams possible. Through the collection, users will see how governments and regulators reacted to new technologies, the accidents and disasters that prompted reform, and the new frontiers that await as technology advances at an improbable speed.


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Full, robust MARC21 records created in RDA format with deep URL links for most of the major publishers of law: Thomson Reuters Westlaw, ProView, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, JurisNet, Wolters Kluwer VitalLaw , Rocky Mountain Mineral, MCLE and others

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Expert Publishers' Cataloging-in-Publication blocks created with quick turnaround time, one-on-one cataloger help with any questions, full, robust records loaded to OCLC and SkyRiver bibliographic utilities

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