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LC Subject Change - Enslaved Persons

We will be working to update the subject headings in our extensive database for any former subject of "Slaves" to the new Library of Congress approved subject heading of "Enslaved persons"

Any affected record will be updated in our database and delivered as Updates with the April 2023 file.

Changed and Newly Established subject headings


Slaves to Enslaved persons

Aged slaves to Enslaved older people

Child slaves to Enslaved children

Christian slaves to Enslaved Christians

Indian slaves to Enslaved Indians

Older slaves to Enslaved older people

Slaves' writings to Enslaved persons' writings

Women slaves to Enslaved women

Women slaves (Jewish law) to Enslaved women (Jewish law)

Southampton Insurrection, 1831 to Nat Turner's Rebellion, 1831

Slave insurrections to Slave rebellions

Subdivisions will remain in place:

Slaves$zUnited States$vBiography.


Enslaved persons$zUnited States$vBiography.

Newly Established

Enslavers - used as a broader term for Slave dealers; Slavers; Traders, Slave


Terms such as Galley Slaves and Fugitive Slaves have remained as such thus far, but we will monitor for any changes.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



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