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World Wildlife Day: Week-Long Flash Sale

We are happy to offer 50% off our MARC21 record collection for HeinOnline's Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights in honor of World Wildlife Day on March 3, 2023. This sale will only be valid from February 27 - March 3, 2023.

Over 2,000 full, MARC21 records with Library of Congress subject headings, call numbers, series information, notes, and deep-linking URL directly to the title. This collection is part of our Time-Tested Classics and is discounted even further for one week only! Customization always free. Samples always available.

2,000+ Records

Only $415

Some Wildlife-Related Library of Congress subjects from the database of records for HeinOnline's Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights collection:

African elephant $xConservation $xInternational cooperation.

Birds $xConservation $xLaw and legislation $zGreat Britain.

Captive wild animals $zIndia.

Dolphins $xConservation $xGovernment policy.

Endangered species $xLaw and legislation $zUnited States.

Fish habitat improvement $zNorthwest, Pacific.

Game laws $zCanada $xProvinces.

Habitat conservation $xLaw and legislation $zUnited States.

Incentives in wildlife conservation $zUnited States.

Jackrabbits $zUnited States.

Lynx $xPopulation viability analysis $xCorrupt practices $zWashington (State)

Marine animals $xEffect of noise on.

Northern fur seal $xLaw and legislation $zNorth Pacific Ocean.

Oyster industry $zChesapeake Bay Region (Md. and Va.)

Pandas $xPolitical aspects.

Quarantine, Veterinary $zUnited States.

Red wolf $xConservation $zNorth America.

Sea lions $xConservation $xLaw and legislation $zUnited States.

Turkeys $xBreeding $zUnited States.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service $xAppropriations and expenditures.

Volunteer workers in conservation of natural resources $xLegal status, laws, etc.

Wild burros $zUnited States $xManagement $xCosts.

Yurok Indians $xFishing $xLaw and legislation.

Zoological specimens $xCollection and preservation.

Sadly there was no K or X but if there was an ebook focusing on Kangaroos or the Xenopus both subjects would be there!



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