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Fastcase Full Court Press Records Available Now!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

If your library has access to Fastcase and its Full Court Press imprint materials be sure your users can find the valuable content they hold!

"Timely Accessible and Affordable Secondary Content"

We have finished cataloging the titles for Full Court Press, an imprint of Fastcase. These valuable materials include the following titles:

  • Advanced Topics in Appellate Practice

  • The Global #MeToo Movement

  • Insurance Law Deskbook

  • Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes

  • Regulation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Vaccine Risks, Benefits, and Compensation

  • And many more!

Our records are fully searchable and contain: Tables of Contents, Notes, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Series information and more. Titles listed by publisher in a database may be difficult to find and these resources may rarely be used.

With full, searchable fields users will be able to find materials covering subjects ranging from "vaccination complications" to "tourism law" (and lots in between). With these resources in the library's ILS, these electronic resources will be offered alongside print materials or other database materials.

Full Court Press titles

$27.50 per title

Contact us for samples or more information on these records.

All records are available per title or as a group with a discount. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We will next be cataloging all titles under their American Bar Association section.


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