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HeinOnline LGBTQ+ Rights Collection Records

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

We have created the initial file of MARC records for HeinOnline's LGBTQ+ Rights Collection, part of their Social Justice Suite. The following collections are part of the Social Justice Suite, a valuable collection of content offered at no charge to any library:

  • Slavery in America and the World

  • Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

  • Civil Rights and Social Justice

  • Open Society Justice Initiative

  • LGBTQ+ Rights

The initial file of high-quality MARC records created for the LGBTQ+ Rights collection are also being offered to any library at no charge.

In addition to our standard of including authoritative Library of Congress subject headings we have included subject headings from Homosaurus, "an international linked data vocabulary of LGBTQ+ terms [and is] is intended to function as a companion to broad subject vocabularies." The addition of these subject headings is optional and we will customize according to your request at no charge.

Please visit HeinOnline's webpage for the registration form to receive free, high-quality MARC records that link to the content in HeinOnline's Social Justice Suite with one-click!

Initial file is delivered at no charge. If your library would like to take advantage of our optional Monthly Update Service contact us for more information. The Monthly Update Service will provide you with MARC records for all new titles that become available each month for the collection as well as updated records due to URL change or authority update, as well as delete notices when content comes down from the database.

Create accessibility to your valuable content by adding fully searchable, high-quality MARC records to your library's ILS.


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