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HeinOnline's Water Rights & Resources Records Available Now!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

We are delighted to catalog the entire set of titles in HeinOnline's newest record collection, Water Rights & Resources. This collection covers all apsects of water laws at both the state and federal levels. Sources include books, periodicals, government documents, legislation & Supreme Court briefs, and scholarly articles (in some cases the library must subscribe to individual HeinOnline collections to acess scholarly articles).

All records are fully searchable and allow users to access materials about water laws in a serendipitous way. A simple search in the library's ILS for "drinking water standards" or "sewage disposal law" will offer appropriate, authoritative resources for the topic whether in books, government documents, or articles.

The beauty of full, searchable catalog records is that users don't have to know the name of a title or exact subject to find material on their topic. A broad search such as those above will offer relevant material of all available forms at HeinOnline.

Our Archive File (all records available at the time of cataloging) is offered at $3,540 with updates free for one year. Our update service includes any titles added to this collection over the course of the year as well as updated records (if any require modification for URL change, etc.), as well as delete notification if any titles are taken down for any reason.

Archive File: $3,540

Updates: FREE for 1 year

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you'd like to see samples or have any questions!


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