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ProView Records Update Subscribers - Consider it Done!

The platform for ProView will soon be changing, requiring new URLs to access materials. Although they have offered at least 30 days before the old URLs cease to function, we will proactively be sending full replacement records to our Monthly Update Service


These records will reflect all changes caused by the migration inlcuding URLs, any customization your library recieves, and notification if any titles were taken down during the restructure.

ProView records are offered as a custom set per individual library based on content access. Provide us with a title list and we will have an estimate for the investment of easier accessibility to your users. Our records are full of subject headings, relevant notes, tables of contents, and much more searchable information - and of course, one-click URL access to each title!

Libraries that already subscribe to our Monthly Update Service will have this taken care of for the September delivery of files. If you are unsure if your library subscribes to our Monthly Update Service, or if you have any questions, please contact us!

More information on ProView's dynamic new platform is available at


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