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Wolters Kluwer VitalLaw Monthly Updates

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Thanks to our partnership with Wolters Kluwer, we are happy to be able to offer an

Update Service to our high-quality VitalLaw records! Help your users access the materials in their dynamic new platform by adding full MARC records with one-click links to your ILS.

For Academic Libraries, we have

cataloged the following VitalLaw collections:

  • Academic Legal Professional

  • Academic Health & Human Resources

  • Acadmic OmniTax

For Firms/Corporate or Court/State/County Libraries, we have access to the following as well as other materials outside the scope of academic:

  • Workplace Compliance

  • Litigation

  • Elder & Estates Law

Record sets are customized for each institution based on the collections and add-ons the library accesses through VitalLaw. We are happy to include a la carte titles to a complete collection.

With the new addition of our Monthly Update Service, we are now able to keep your catalog updated with new materials added to any of the Academic collections, a la carte titles you may add, overlay records for necessary changes to records, and delete notices for content no longer available on VitalLaw.

Contact us today for sample records or more information on our VitalLaw records!

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